most times i read up on an artist or producers and they say i came from the bottom ...the mud...a place hard to imagine... thus making the come up story..incredibly interesting 2 hear about.. 

well ima keep it a bean...*meaning ima b real wit u*...i was more like the middle child...i only had 1 pair of sneakers at a time..i was lucky if i got the popular ones..but i ate everynight..and my parents truly cared where i was.. 

as 4 music i started rapping n my teens.. 
had a group called the nasty boys.. myself bn partner and brother from another "gt" and my dj grand marquee [rip] 

just like most artist we didnt make it to the big money...big deals or anything...we had some opps..[opportunities] but no game changers..and although the money never came my love for making music was always on a bean[100] 

so my come up story reads...after 25 long yrs of perfecting learning and being shot down...i still continue to chase my dreams of doing music full time..and building a legacy that will last way beyond my time.. 

to describe my music..starting with my tag (hey isme) which is short 4 ill stile music ent. 

stile is spelled that way paying homage to where i was born.. grandmom crib...1118 stiles st in norf philly 
my sound is 1 of its own...but using all the elements todays producer use. 
but it doesnt stop there..i also am a writer....i do video treatments...poems  wedding vows...songs...hooks..u name it i write it.. 

float thru tella friend